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Website Payments Paypal: – PayPal Standard And PayPal Pro

Enable website payments pro paypal

Firstly verify the status of your account and then go to your PayPal profile under my settings and verify that your account type is business, or upgrade your account.

Fill and complete the Website Payments Pro application. PayPal reviews your application (usually within 2 business days). When you are being approved, you can start the integration with the PayPal Sandbox environment, but keep in mind that until you are approved you cannot go live.

Choose an integration method:

Use the Website Payments Pro API to apply for direct payment and add express checkout. Create a custom application using the Website Payment Pro API. Your application must implement both express checkout flow and direct payment flow.

Once you verify that your implementation works properly in the sandbox, then you are ready to go live.

Why use PayPal Standard?

PayPal is one of the most popular gateways for standard traders, because setup fees, termination fees, or merchant accounts are not necessary to establish – you only have a PayPal business account. PayPal standard is available in 190 countries, so almost any dealer can use it.

Transactions through PayPal Standard are processed on PayPal’s site (not your own), and will allow customers to pay by PayPal balance or credit card. They will be sent to PayPal from your checkout screen, and you will be charged a standard transaction fee for these payments, which is 2.9% + 30 to the transaction. After completing the PayPal Checkout, customers are directed back to their site.

Since checkout is completed on PayPal’s site, you will need to send PayPal information about the success and failure of payment to the full order, using something called instant payment notification (IPN) back to your store.

Why use PayPal Standard?

PayPal Payments Pro is a completely customizable payment system that allows you to accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal and PayPal credit 1. You create an online checkout experience that is right for your customers – back-end integration with branding and look-and-feel.

PayPal Pro does not seem to have a startup or termination fee, but with a $30 monthly fee, 2.9% + 30 per-transaction fee (volume discounts are still available).

PayPal Pro also includes PayPal Virtual Terminal, which allows you to accept payment on the phone, the ability to accept bank transfer and in-person payments, as well as online Invoices.