What Is Paypal Really And How It Helps Their Customer For Shopper Transaction?

PayPal tops clearly in the list of online transaction gateway- it is the world’s most widely used payment receiver, receiving about 8 million payments every day. As of this writing, PayPal has more than 137 million active accounts in 193 markets and 26 currencies worldwide, making payments easier to make and request payment. Other PayPal perks involves accepting checks through smartphone’s cameras, card swiper, and allowing customers to make purchases without leaving your site.

In the world of an online payment, which was once ruled by a card transaction, PayPal was a breath of fresh air for consumers for several reasons:

They could buy at most online stores all over the world using a single PayPal account without having to enter their card or bank account details at all times.

As PayPal has kept the details of all the cards / bank accounts private, they are not concerned about disclosing their financial information online again. Thus protecting the data of hackers, which they can download from a merchant’s website.

They can take advantage of Buyer’s Protection, where PayPal will reimburse customers for $ 20,000 / item for the full value of a product (including shipping cost), if the product did not come or was very different from the original details.

Since they could connect their PayPal account to many bank accounts and cards, they could save themselves to face the embarrassing situation of payment decline.

How Safe is PayPal Shopper?

Paypal is as safe as any online bank. Of course, there is no such thing as 100% full proof system, but PayPal has designed many security measures to minimize the error and fraud in its system. You will certainly not get any other online financial institution which is better in protecting thier customers compared to PayPal for Shopper translation.

By using a large team of experts in all areas of online security in the field of safe technology and making payments, PayPal remains a leader in secure online payments all over the world.

PayPal gives guarantee to customers against fraud and identity theft.

PayPal guarantees its customers 100% protection against unauthorized payments from their account. The transaction from the beginning to the end is confirmed by email to the PayPal account holder. Any transaction you have disputed will give you access to analytical support team who will solve your issue for you.