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Worried About Payment As A Freelancer, Then Paypal Will Make Your Life Easier Than Ever

India is the world’s largest freelance market outside the US where More than 15 million freelancers users are active. The freelance market is not only growing by volume, it is also growing in demand from the latitude of the skills. After 2017 cloud and distributed computing, data entry, and analytics user interface design, graphic design, digital and online marketing, web architecture, and development framework have emerged as the most sought-after skills for freelancers in India.

For setting up an Indian PayPal account, a verified bank account is required along with a PAN card, but it does not take more than a few days to receive and run everything including bank verification.

If we think in another way that is the biggest nemesis of the freelancer – payment. No matter what work line you are in, or how many are you experienced – you are pursuing clients to pay for work done months ago and waiting for money because you need to wait until your check not clear, or deposit. But now no more.

Pay by Click on Link

So, how do you ensure that your customers and freelance company pay you on time? To get started with, you can opt for PayPal.Me account. Online payments are huge now you can make your very own personal business page and get paid quickly and easily.

PayPal.Me, an optimization payment link, allows you to send a link to your customer and ask them to pay. Once they pay the agreed amount then payment automatically credited in your PayPal account. Therefore, even if you do not have a website, it will not affect your payment in any way.

Easy process for Payment

To make your payment process and issues easier, you can also take advantage of their invoicing solution. So you can send a professional invoice just by email to your customers, without any fuss. It does not matter where your customers are, because you have the option to get more than 26 currencies and 200 countries to get your payment.

If you are concerned about defaults, fraud, and other security concerns, PayPal Seller’s Protection Policy has covered you.

Find work easily on an online marketplace with the feature of Freelancer Payment

Customers and businesses that select and hire freelancers often make a list of jobs in the freelance marketplace, and PayPal is accepted by the top freelance marketplace and is trusted. So when you sign up with Paypal, you get to work in more geographical areas, with more customers.