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The PayPal Business Account is ideal and beneficial for online merchants, as well as other
business entities. PayPal account gives business owners the option of accepting payments
without additional credit card processing expenses.

Paper business account has proved beneficial for merchants

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See How PayPal works.

Whether you’re shopping or selling with PayPal, we make it faster, safer and easier for everyone to shop or sell globally with confidence.

If you buy something through online marketing, how will you pay?

One payment method is using your credit card. But what if the seller does not send you goods after paying. Or what if you buy stuff through some unknown websites and the merchant steals your credit card details. To avoid this kind of problems, you can use PayPal – a payment solution.

To Open an account on Paypal, you need to provide your credit card details on Paypal. Therefore, when you buy something through online markets, you can simply enter your Paypal ID (usually your email id) and password to pay. And if the seller does not send you the goods, PayPal will refund your money.

This is PayPal process- it helps buyers to buy from unknown small-time sellers. In e-commerce transactions, PayPal takes care of “trust”. So, if you want to sell something through the online market. You can get money through PayPal in your PayPal account. You can use the balance in your account to buy or withdraw money in your bank account (you will need to link your bank account with PayPal).

There are many other things that you can do with Paypal. Examples – Send money to your friends in your country or abroad, buy goods kinds of stuff on Wal-Mart, etc.

Service and supports:-

PayPal customer service and any kind of support appear to be quite good. Apart from normal email and phone support, users can also get support through Facebook and Twitter, although phone support is not the best feedback. The community forum, on the contrary, offers assistance at any time.

Features of PayPal:-

  • In PayPal, you can easily transfer your money from your PayPal account to another user’s PayPal account.
  • In PayPal, you can also transfer money from your PayPal account to your savings account with simple steps.
  • Online shopping through PayPal quite easy
  • PayPal allows the user to establish a merchant account.
  • Paypal is safe and secure and it’s free!

What our customer say

Feel PayPal is sweet for on-line purchases as a result of individual websites don’t have specific mastercard or bank info.

Macky Mac

We use our PayPal weekly to transfer funds to our loved one for a combined bill pay. it’s correct, quick, safe and simple. They get the alert forthwith. No fee, once transfer from checking account.

Franco Moriti